My business opened for its 2nd year! I am so excited about the growth since last year. I consider last year to be practice. This year it’s truly happening in a big way. Before the actual opening of the sales part of my business, I had the opportunity to rescue plants from three gardens and do one consult. And I have one consult that’s scheduled tomorrow!

After my opening weekend was over, I just sat back in awe of how amazing my customers are. I had some returning customers from last year who simply stopped by to wish me well! How incredible is that? There were plenty of  hugs to go around. I also met new customers who have seen my signs around town and were just waiting for me to open.

One thing I love about my business is it’s got a real homey feeling. It’s a place to meet other gardeners who might just be a wonderful neighbor down the street or perhaps a teacher who just so happens to work at the elementary school you used to work at. You might also meet a fellow Master Gardener who is just as passionate about plants as you are. You might meet someone who is battling an illness or chronic pain; someone to share hope and a smile with. And best of all, you might just meet a friend.

Yes, I’m feeling sappy this morning. How could I not? I mean, I have somehow come up with a way to live my passion by bringing plants and people together. I am home, sweet, home.