It’s March now and I’ve been dreaming for months about what I want to do in the garden in 2014. In the back of my mind I’m concerned about what plants I may have lost because of the brutal cold weather we had this past winter. I won’t be able to tell what I’ve lost until the growing season truly begins. If you’ve been gardening awhile, you know that some plants are always a risk. But sometimes we can’t deny ourselves the hope that maybe we have a special micro climate in our yard that protects our special plants. This, my friends, is called zonal denial. I know I’m guilty!  I’ve attempted 3 times to grow Lorapetulum to no avail.


I know for me this year’s gardening season will be amazing. I won’t be recovering from any surgeries. The past 3 yrs. have been full of surgeries. Neck surgery-recovered. Shoulder surgery- recovered. Foot surgery- recovered!  Now I am healing and so much stronger! I am so ready for this season. I am so blessed to have a beautiful garden that I will get to attend to wholeheartedly.  My garden will be filled with the lush foliage of many shrubs. It will be filled with the bold colors of many perennials. It will be filled with the intoxicating fragrance of many roses. But most of all, it will be filled with gratitude.