It was the perfect day. The sun was shining and I had a garden consult and a plant rescue mission on the

schedule for the day. The consult was  for a dear friend and neighbor of mine. He has the loveliest garden

and invited me over to help him with some problem areas. He also needed help figuring out where to put

a few new plants. I find incredible joy in sharing this passion of gardening. What a wondrous thing it is.

Once we finished with the consult, it was nice to just sit down on his back deck chatting and enjoying

the tremendous view.


It was then time to go home and grab some lunch and a little nap. I knew that the rescue mission

would be pretty big and require a lot of energy. So when I plan days like this, I have to plan time to

rest. It helps in managing the chronic pain. The timing was perfect!


When I go on a plant rescue I never fully know what I’m getting into. It’s so exciting!! What will

the house be like? What kind of garden is there? Flowers? Veggies? Both? Perennials? Natives? Oh, the

anticipation!! The gardener I was doing this for had told me that he had to pick up his kids from school and

would arrive a little bit after I got there. He told me to go ahead and start digging up the Quaking Aspens in

his front yard. I couldn’t help but wonder what the neighbors would think! I figured I looked pretty

official with all of the signage on my car and trailer.


While digging the aspens, a neighbor walking by, stopped to chat a bit. He told me that he had

Quaking Aspens in his yard and that every year these little worms would eat every leaf off. So this year he

put up chickadee nests. The chickadees ate every worm off those trees! How brilliant is that? No

pesticides were needed. Nature in action! I was so excited to learn something new.


The homeowner arrived home with his 2 beautiful children, Leah and Alex. They really were. Both

of them were so friendly and kind. It was a pleasure meeting them. John, the homeowner, took me on

a tour of what I could rescue. Let me tell you I was so excited!! In addition to the aspens, I was able

to rescue native Dicentra (Bleeding Heart), native Oxalis, raspberries, oregano, strawberry mint and

the beautiful Cape Fuschia!


It was a warm day and John even brought out some lemonade for me. He showed me some of

the veggie gardening projects that he was working on. It was awesome because he is playing

around with a lot of sustainability ideas which is right up my alley! We had a beautiful

conversation about kids, life and gardening. When it was time to leave he gave me a nice big

hug. I love my work/play!


So you can see that the day was filled to the top with beautiful people and wondrous gardening.