It was early evening and time for a peaceful stroll through the garden. I smile just thinking about it. As a mama does, I began to check on all of my babies. To all of you non-gardeners, I am referring to my plants.

Spring is such an incredible time to see how the garden changes daily. As I look out and see the larger view, I realize that I have got to tame the beast this year. What happened between last year and this year? Could it be true that my shrubs have doubled in size? Now I know that can’t be the case, but they are truly out of control! Who let that happen? I really must talk to those garden fairies.

It looks like the roses are going to bloom early this year. What a delight! I’ve noticed the birds have decided that my garden makes for a wonderful home.  And the air is filled with the fragrance of the later blooming Korean Lilac. Ahhhh. But this particular lilac I swear has doubled in size. It is definitely getting  a trim when it’s done blooming. Then I came across the Enkianthus. This is the first year it’s bloomed for me. When looking inside the bloom, I feel I am looking at magic. Another plant to bloom for the first time is the Podophyllum peltatum (May Apple). Another delight! And the Chionanthus retusus (Chinese Fringe Tree) is budding out! And my Clematis heracleifolia (Upright Clematis) is going crazy in growth! And the Kirengeshoma palmata (Yellow Wax Bells) is definitely showing its place in the garden! And I’ve never seen my Astrantia this outrageously beautiful!

Whoa now! I really must calm down and breathe. I just get so excited to see this incredible view of magic right here in my very own garden. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world! As I continue to relax in this oasis, I feel compelled to pull a few weeds. I can’t help myself. I reach down and as I’m pulling the weeds, I feel something slimy. I immediately think it’s a slug because a baby slug had somehow ended up between my toes in my sandals earlier through the stroll. The sensation was similar. However, the stench WAS NOT! I had just put my hand in a pile of dog poop! UGH!!!!! This was definitely the end of my “peaceful” stroll through the garden.