All in all, it was a great day! In spite of the drenching rain, Sunshine and I worked for 3 hours. He dug out an area that was wasted

space to make room for a table that will hold yet more plants! He shoveled a lot of gravel adding it to the retail area for shade plants.

He added quarter ten gravel to a flower bed which will also have mulch added to it later in the week. He borrowed my husband’s

staple gun (thanks, Babe!) to attach my business signs to my trailer. He did MAJOR weeding too. After 3 hours, we just decided

not to fight the rain anymore. We called it quits for the day. I was a bit disappointed that the soil was too drenched for new

plantings. I can explain the why of that later if I write it down and remember to get back to you! LOL After calling it a day, I got

warmed up with a hot lunch and 2 hot cups of coffee. Well, you know what happened as soon as I got settled in the house,

don’t you? Yep, it stopped raining. That figures! I enjoyed my coffee and read out of The Dresden Files for awhile. But I kept

looking out the window seeing the sun shining. It was calling my name. It really was! In my heart, I just knew I was going to end up

back outside. So I texted my good friend and neighbor, James (who bailed on me earlier. What’s a little rain?). I let him know I was

going back out. He joined me and did a TON of weeding. I gave him a generous division of my darkest Hellebore in thanks. So, all

in all, it was a great day! Oh! What did I do? Well, supervised. Of course.