Yesterday, I had a revelation about my relationship with my granddaughter, Riley. She is now 2 1/2 years old and she

helped me with watering flowers yesterday. I have an assortment of watering cans and one of them is just right for her.

At first she watched me turn on the hose that’s connected to our rain barrels and fill the watering cans. Soon, she took

it upon herself to do the filling. This was after she watered one pot of flowers about 6 times. It was adorable to watch her

fill the same pot time after time even though there was another one right next to it. So I set out to water the other flowers

that were parched from the first string of dry, spring days that we had. Riley was content to fill those cans while getting

extremely soaked. I let her. I let her have this freedom because in her home she is surrounded by extreme control. She was

born into an incredibly difficult situation. Her parents are not raising her and many of the adults in her life have drug problems,

mental health issues and extreme poverty. When she comes to my house we spend most of our time outdoors. She loves to play

outside and wander through my garden. So yesterday was the first time that she has actually “helped” me garden. :) As I was

walking back to get a filled watering can, it hit me so hard that I get the awesome privilege of sharing the gift of gardening with

Riley. I thought about the many life lessons I’ve learned in the garden and Riley now gets to be a part of it. In the garden there is

joy and solace. Hope and freedom. Laughter and tears. It is an oasis for the weary soul. It offers healing to the deepest parts of our

being. So as I approached the newly filled watering can, I realized that it wasn’t just the flowers that were being watered with life. It

was also the hearts of a grandma and her granddaughter.