When I met with my spine surgeon in early spring, he explained what kind of surgery I needed to have. It was pretty standard and basic. He told me it would be about a 2-3 week recovery time. I asked him what he thought about me waiting til AFTER gardening season to do this because, come on, I need to garden.  I thought I could manage the pain until then. He said it would be no problem unless my symptoms got worse. Guess what. They got worse. Sometimes the nerve pain in my arm was so bad that it felt like my arm was going to explode wide open from the pressure. Nerve pain. :’(  It’s the worst.

Dilemma: WHAT ABOUT MY PLANTS AND CUSTOMERS??? It turns out they are going to have to wait. But, hey, he said it would only be a 2-3 weeks recovery time. I could just have a friend run the business for me during that time and I’d be back. WRONG! The surgery was more invasive than the surgeon had anticipated.  Yay me! lol  Instead of having a simple fusion surgery, he had to remove 2 discs and replace them with 2 titanium plates. It’s all being held in place with 6 titanium screws. Oh! He also had to clean out numerous bone spurs that had been compressing nerves. Now my recovery time is months. Are you wondering how the surgeon could have missed all of that on the MRI? Well, there was no MRI. I have a neurostimulator implant that helps me manage the pain from nerve damage in my hip and groin. I can’t have MRIs. Thus, the mystery waiting for the surgeon.

After a lot of painful deliberating, I knew I was going to have to close for the season. This decision set in motion a terrible sense of loss for me. I cried buckets about it but knew it was the right decision. I am now having a liquidation sale on July 6 and 13. Many rescued plants will be adopted and taken good care of in my customer’s gardens. I know my perennials will find a great home to go to also. My customers are truly the greatest and I can rest knowing my plants are going to good homes.

Now it’s time to rest and recuperate AND plot, I mean plan for next year!